My First Time: Having Anal Sex

Introducing our first column "My First Time." Where people anonymously share there stories of doing things for the first time. If you would like to anonymously submit to the column please let us know by emailing Here is the first time anonymous had anal sex.

One time I was really high with this guy. He was, like, the love of my life. Is. Was. Anyway, we were super high and drinking some Coors Lite and eating Cool Ranch Doritos and watching the Migos Versace music video. After a few minutes that got boring so we went to his room to fuck.

I was on top. It was going great. At one point his dick slipped out so he reached to put it back in and I felt it on my butt so I was like “Are you sure??” and he goes “Yeah??” so yeah. After a few minutes I was like, “This is really weird.” And he was like “What are you talking about?” and I’m like “Your dick in my ass.” And he stopped and his eyes got huge and he was like “What!” So I looked down to make sure but like, “Yep.” “Holy fuck.” “Yep.” So then he was like “I’ve never fucked anyone in the ass before but I literally couldn’t even tell the difference” and I was like “Damn.”