Sweet Stella by Basement Surfers (Exclusive Premier)

Hi All, I'd like to introduce you to Basement Surfers. Here's an exclusive preview of Sweet Stella from their upcoming album, Human Music. (YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE TRACK HERE. DON'T SLEEP ON THIS ALBUM.) I can't wait for the release! They also have 2 shows coming up on March 24th and March 25th. Click da dates to find the events on FB.

"Basement Surfers is a psychedelic music and art collective and our album Human Music is out digitally and physically on April 28th! The album is a surrealist cosmodrama dealing with the themes of mistakes and regrets, struggles with selfishness and addiction, space and galactic beings, and the importance of supporting and affecting positively the people around you in your life and those in passing."

Basement Surfers have also released their previous single, Beyond, which can be found below.