Little Besos: The Loudest Goodbye by Connor McKeon

     I arrived on the scene around 8 o'clock pm with the taste of venom in my mouth. I had spent all day trapped in a “sales training” for what turned out to be a treacherous pyramid scheme.  As mad as I am at the dubious fuck-offs who masqueraded this boondoggle in the guise of legitimate business, I will not disclose their company name for the sake of privacy (however I will say it rhymes with Shmector, and they sell Shmutco knives).  Fortunately for this FFF writer, if shady business is the sickness, then rock n’ roll is the antidote.  One intravenous injection of the musical stylings of Yuta Shimmi, Eric Brown, Lauren van Staveren, Paul Fitzpatrick, and Nello De Angelis was the only remedy this attendee needed to get back to his normal spry and sporadic self.

     I arrived as they were setting up for their act; executing tunings, sound checks, warming up, etc…  I was dressed in my finest blue sport coat over my favorite skull T-shirt (which I have kept since the seventh grade), Doc Martins, wayfarer sunglasses, and ripped Dickies.  I could lie to you, my faithful reader, and tell you that the functional purpose of this ensemble was to present a demeanor of professionalism while, still maintaining that alt rock style that seems to be so commonplace at these events, but I won’t.  I wore the jacket because it’s the only one I own that has pockets deep enough to store the necessary paraphernalia, i.e. one flask of Jameson Irish whiskey, one purple leather glove, a slingshot, 13 blue paint balls, and two miscellaneous fireworks leftover from 4th of July (which I seem to have misplaced, I’m sure they’ll turn up sooner or later).  I was prepared for anything.

     We all came to this send off party for Logan Dutton and Nello De Angelis birthday party for Lauren Van Staveren to say goodbye, and what we got was a grande open mouth kiss of good old fashion ass kicking rock n’ roll from the band, Little Besos.  Knowing the level of musicianship of this bunch, I came with high expectations, and they were met and surpassed.  Paul provided a solid foundation on the bass, Eric and Yuta both shredded on guitar, and Nello and Lauren showed a wide range of versatility, switching back and forth between drums and lead vocals.  No one in the audience would dispute the high level of technical ability in these musicians, but what’s most fun about this band, is their uninhibited stage presence and fun loving, “devil may care,” attitude.  Highlight moments from the show include (but are not limited to) Lauren’s pop punk cover of Fergie’s “London Bridge” and Nello’s cover of the Thin Lizzy classic, “The Boys Are Back In Town.” 

     This explosive performance saved what would have otherwise been a somber, melancholy day, sending our good friends out with a bang, just like a surprise firecracker on the backyard lawn.  I would be remissed if I didn’t give a special thanks to our very forgiving host, Melissa Oeser, as well as thank the band for graciously and humbly allowing me to interview them!  Give the podcast a listen to hear me slobber all over a microphone and learn more about the inspirations behind this very electric performance!