Easy Listening Muzak by Cosmosis Jones

My boy Carter from the Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band released some songs!!! Very catchy stuff.  The album is diverse, charismatic and a bit unpredictable. My favorite tracks are "the troubled kids boogie" and "Donkitournibransiquet." Best when listened to in an apartment or garage with a close friend.

"The sloppy boys doing their thing:: the record was conceived during my time djing for princeton radio:: easy listening stands as a significant milestone for me in respect to my personal achievements (in that im getting what i'm going for) in musical direction and production appreciative of the diy and lofi narrative i wished to contribute to "

Written and produced by Carter Prince
Recorded by: 
-Carter Prince (vox, electric guitar) 
-Grant Wizard Blue McGilberry (drum set) 
-Chad Mingus (bass) 
-Joan McCoughin (electric guitar, vox) 
-Herb Ancoch (synths, vox) 
-Dick Drake (acoustic guitar, vox) 
-Melvin Jones (drums, percussion) 

Art and support by Julia Tink Nachemson | Released by Almost Art Records | Played live by Rainy Day and friends