Tea For a Wildfire Throat by Lauren Van Staveren

This fiery B.C. haze…just a Canadian conspiracy to boost end-of-summer aesthetics in the PNW? Perhaps. But I reeeeally wasn’t about the constant sore throats and the need to munch a dozen cough drops every day.

But hey, then I remembered that tea is a cure-all. And I want to share my go-to tea recipe for any time you wake up sick, smoke a cig too many, need an xxtreme mood boost, or inhale foreign smoke.  

Tea For a Wildfire Throat


  • A painfully ordinary mug (8-10 oz of water usually)
  • A ginger tea bag
  • 1-2 tbsp of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (detoxifying, cold-curing, pH balancing superdrink)
  • A good spoonful of honey
  • A sQuiRt of lemon
  • Cinnamon optional (it doesn’t really dissolve but it still smells great)