Savvas and Connor review Zombeavers to Carter and Jon who don’t really care are just want to get ice cream by Julia Olson

Connor, Savvas and I recently watched the horror/slasher film Zombeavers. The basic premise of Zombeavers is that there are these two trucker guys who aren’t watching the road and they hit this deer. Well when they hit the deer they lose one of the barrels of toxic medical waste they were carrying, and the medical waste ends up on a beaver dam-turning a whole lot of beavers into mutant hyper smart zombies. The linked audio is Savvas and Connor who explain the premise of Zombeavers to Carter and Jon, who both don’t really care about it all that much, and just want to get this over with so they can get some ice cream. In terms of rankings, Savvas gave Zombeavers zero hoots out of a possible three hoots, which although dismal, fared better than its counterpart film Zoombeavers, which earned itself zero hoots and one holler.